The summary of my 29 years of life

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October 10, 2020

The summary of my 29 years of life

On January 8 of this year I turned 30 years old. To be honest – I never liked my birthday… But anyway, I decided to take stock of my 29th year of life. Yep, it was a bad year (if anyone doesn’t want to read the details, here are some spoilers – it was a really bad year).

Now straight to my “super achievements” and successes.

  1. Probably the main event that my wife and I had forgotten about at the end of the year. At the end of February 2020, my wife quit her job at RZD (Russian Railroads). I helped her with that quite a bit, so I guess I could say that’s our overall achievement. Why is that a good thing? I will talk about this sometime in another post about Russian Railways and working there. But the fact remains – it is an event that at least changed my wife’s life for the better.
  2. My blog in English. Yeah, I blogged in Russian for a very long time. I kept it under a pseudonym and in general I wrote only half-truths there. Maybe one day I’ll even show it to you:) As for the English blog (this one), I haven’t managed to develop it very well, but I’ll try to keep trying. The plan is to port it to Ghost engine (most likely). Make a unique design and generally make everything super cool:) True, due to illness, the design of the blog has been delayed, since the sick wife can’t work, which is logical. Also, I still can’t decide on the main theme of my blog. To write about myself – it will be boring to read as I am nobody and my life is boring. Probably I will make various long posts on the most different themes from games and cinema to mystics and detective stories. Or write about my development and programming and stuff like that. Maybe even some stories like the one I wrote about the devil and the alien.
  3. SoundBodyWay Project. I’ve had a lot of different projects this year and hardly any successful ones. But I’m confident that we can eventually make SBW a decent product. So far we are learning and making prototypes, but the most important thing we already have is the team:) This year, 2021, I’ll be writing more about the progress of our project and my learning process itself.
  4. Covid. Yes, it was a shock to the world. We tried to keep our distance from all people, used sanitizers, wore masks and didn’t go to crowded places, but still at the end of the year my wife and I got the disease. As I write this, everything is more or less fine. For me the consequences of the illness are practically imperceptible, and for my wife the situation is somewhat worse.
  5. Bankruptcy. Yeah, this year I did recognize and start working purposefully to get through bankruptcy. The story of how I got so much debt (about $200,000) can be read in a private section of Patreon, unfortunately I can’t put it out in the public domain. Hopefully I can get all this stuff sorted out by the middle of 2021. The deadline is the end of this year.
  6. Slowly. I started actively using this app and realized that there are some really great people sitting there. I’ve made a lot of new friends around the world, people I’m interested in talking to and people I can learn a lot from. They say that a person is shaped by his environment and I agree with that and can say that my environment is definitely better now than it was last year. 🙂
  7. Glogital. My company, which is practically out of money because of Covid, decided to rebrand itself. And the new name will be Glogital (Global Digital). The business remains the same, we do websites, advertising, promotion and all other kinds of services on the Internet. Soon I expect to write a post about the redesign of our site and show the site itself.)
  8. Fiverr. I found out about it in 2020 and decided to register hoping to get orders from abroad. And it really worked! Even though it was only 4 orders, I made sure that Fiverr worked! Btw, I can make a simple website for only $5 + review on Fiverr!:)
  9. I thought long and hard about what other good events (or any events at all) happened this year, but nothing came to mind. I asked my wife. She replied that people would be surprised if they knew that my wife and I had never fought once this year. Although I don’t remember us fighting in 2019 either, but apparently you readers might be surprised by that fact.

So that’s the summary of my 29 years of life.

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