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March 27, 2020

Well, it’s been a few days since my first post was published, and nobody’s seen or read it yet. So it’s time for post two!

Post Two Smile A little more of my “art”

In this post, there will be little notes on everything that happens to me and around me.

My health

Yesterday my temperature went up, and with all this news about the virus, I’m not expecting anything good… All last night, my muscles and my head were really hurting and I’m still hurting now. Really, I attribute the muscle pain to my yesterday’s training, which I did a little too much.

Although the pills seem to have helped lower the temperature a little. Let’s see what happens next.

In general, in Russia, the attitude towards COVID-19 is very strange, for example, people were told about quarantine and pandemic, and they continue to walk around the city and shopping malls. They’re idiots… Many people do not believe in the virus at all and consider it “propaganda of enemies”! I guess they also wear foil hats…

Post Two Propoganda I think they look something like this…

I think the fate of Italy awaits us. It’s scary.

It’s about English

Yeah. Writing in English is really hard for me. I thought I’d take notes “for the future” and then publish them on schedule. It’s not gonna work…

I also decided to create social networks for communication in English in order to attract an audience and learn more about the language. It will take a very long time… I decided to start with Patreon and Facebook.

And I also use the Slowly application – I correspond with various people from Canada and not only. It’s a very interesting experience. Are any of my friends from Slowly here? =)

The book

In Russia, a couple of years ago I published a book about channel management in the Telegram messenger. Now I want to translate it into English and publish it again on Amazon. I hope that my publishing house will help me with that.

This idea came to me while I was writing this post… It’s funny…

Actually, SMM (Social Media Marketing) in Russia lags far behind Europe and the United States. Why did I decide that? I follow the foreign novelties and methods in SMM, and after a while these novelties appear in my country, but never vice versa. Anyway, it’s my personal feeling.

So I’m not very sure that translation of my book will be in demand…

I guess that’s enough for today. Such a post with thoughts turned out, but while I was writing it, I came up with a good idea to translate my book. There is nothing to do in quarantine anyway…

I’ll be cured and I’ll go and translate!

Thanks for your comments! 😉

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