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September 12, 2020

New concept

Recently, due to the increasing stress and permanent debt pressure, I’m increasingly starting to think about my project (this blog). What benefits does it bring? – Nothing. Who would be interested in it? – No one. In my dream… The original idea was to create a blog with motivational stories about how I overcome difficulties and get out of debt, but so far I just keep falling further and further down. I don’t think anyone would want to read the stories of a loser, at least on a permanent basis. How can I be useful to society and readers? How can I help specifically you (each of you)?

And here’s what I thought, why not make some useful email newsletters? Well, I work almost all day for a PC, I spend all day on the Internet, you could say that I live on the Internet. So why not make a free newsletter for all those who are interested in the same thing as me? For example, with a selection of links to all the most interesting of those “categories” to which the newsletter will be devoted? Why not?

But then I thought, who needs it at all? – Nobody?

No, I don’t believe that I am unique and the most non-standard person! For sure, there are many more people on the whole planet who are simultaneously interested in both anime and horror films, as manga and various literature and philosophy, computer games and many other entertainment. I do not believe that I am alone on the whole planet who loves different entertainments, and also suffers from web development and eternal attempts to improve myself, to develop my brain, my body and my spirit.

Perhaps it’s still worth dividing it all into some subdivisions, or at least separate the IT part and web development from everything else.

Anyway, I think it’s worth a try, but what do you think?

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