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February 25, 2021

So what is NBA Top Shot?

A brief backstory.

Let me start by saying that I found out about this project quite recently, and as it turns out, it launched in the middle of last year. So, we can say that I’m the same newbie, as all those who are now joining this “game”.
I don’t remember which site I read about it, but the fact about creators interested me - Dapper Labs or creators of CryptoKitties. Plus the partnership with the NBA and the streaming-unpacking packs with NBA players. Brings credibility to the table:)
~~Yeah-yeah-yeah I remember about all those ICOs I was in and don’t even remember about them anymore. Minus a lot of money from me, yeah. “But that’s different!“~~~

But what is it after all?

Like I said - I’m not going to write about all the nuances of blockchain, cryptocurrency, etc. I will only say that it’s all there and in use. And considering how long the transactions sometimes go… I’m sure it’s a blockchain:) True, they have their own one and it’s called Flow. It’s interesting, I’ve got the code on github, maybe one day I’ll be able to make something of my own with the help of all this stuff. You get the gist, blockchain is used. Let’s move on.

In the states, there used to be, and still are, quite popular collectible player cards. Some of them, especially rare ones, now sell for 700-800 thousand ()$ and people buy them.

The guys from DapperLabs apparently decided that paper is bad and let everything be digital. And so as not to be bored with simple images of players, they take the best moments of each player (Assist, Dunk, etc.) and make cards from them.

The cards are divided into Common, Rare, Legendary, and Ultimate. Each moment is issued in a certain amount, let’s say 15000 cards (sometimes less, and in the future may be larger series), which are sold in packs (about them later).

I think it is clear that the rarest cards cost a lot of money. If you sort the market now, the most expensive costs $250,000, eh… And the cheapest one is $18. Eh, and when I first signed up there were cards even for 1 buck…

Note that the cards are still divided into series and cards from Series 1, nowhere else but the players market will not be able to buy, which automatically increases their price at times. When Series 2 is over, I think its cards will be about the same.

How do I get in? What do I do?

Quite simply, you sign up at this link right here. Yes, referral, I know, but it’s not hard for you, and it’s nice for me:) Although so far the referral program does not give anything at all … Well, let it be.
You’ll see a screen like this.

NBA Top Shot 001 MaxBasev com

At the top of the Marketplace buy cards from other collectors.

NBA Top Shot 002 MaxBasev com

In Collection, admire your moments and show off to other players/friends/girlfriends.

NBA Top Shot 003 MaxBasev com

This is what the packs look like. Buying one is a big problem because of the queues, although the queues are honest and even seem to successfully fight the bots, but there are still too many people who want to buy one.

NBA Top Shot 004 MaxBasev com

Are there any results? Prove it!

I’m very far from the NBA, but unfortunately the soccer analogues didn’t impress me at all. There’s no hype.) And since there isn’t one, there won’t be any money there either.

When I registered, I poured there only 30$. My results can be seen at this link. By the way, not a bad service to keep track of their pluses and minuses.
Watch Account Value - 2,663$ + about 200$ on Dapper balance. This figure was up to 3800, but now another decline has begun and just have to wait.

There is one nuance. At the moment I do not have the ability to withdraw money from Dapper account balance, but everyone I talked to said “All honest, I swear! Withdrawal is opened after about 30 days since account registration (I think) plus you have to pass KYC like everywhere else. Withdrawal to crypto only if you don’t have a US card.

What to expect in the future? Is it too late to “get in” yet?

~~ As I’m writing these lines~~ Ugh, man. Anyway, right now there’s another downturn, I think it’s clear from my balance. So anyone who wants to enter and spend a little bit of their extra $$.

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