Mini Notes #4

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September 18, 2020

Mini Notes #4

I have no free time at all during the last week and the one that appears I spend on walks with my wife. Soon it will be very cold weather and we will walk much less – we use the last good days.As I wrote earlier in my Patreon – with the help of my father (thanks to him very much!), I found a way out of the bankruptcy situation. My property will be kept (unless there are any unforeseen situations). We can say that recently the stress in my life has become much less. This is good, I physically feel that I am getting better. But there is also more work! Surprisingly, Fiverr began to bring orders, so far, rarely and with a small income, but orders come! This is very cool!

About self-development and cult

So far, all I did was rush to study one thing and another. At first, I wanted to become strong and big, and then smart and healthy. I searched for enlightenment and wisdom, tried to meditate and engage in self-programming, self-hypnosis, and self-complication. All this is great, but I need to develop harmoniously and correctly. That is why I decided to structure and organize all my development somehow. I hope that there will be not only strength exercises until exhaustion or reading smart books for 10 hours a day.

I was encouraged to do it by some videos on Russian YouTube. One man made his cult! And he called it just “The Foundation”. About a cult is of course just humor, but in fact, it is just a movement consisting of people with the same goals. As he said: “Right thoughts form the right beliefs that drive us to the right actions and lead to the right results.”

I’m not sure that all their ideas fully suit me, but the main thing I have taken for myself is the harmony of development. Physical growth, intellectual development, and spiritual awakening (the latter I still have doubts about).

The symbol of this cult was chosen quite an interesting triquetra (you can read here). I even put this background on my desktop instead of standard black as a reminder of my goals.

Btw, yeah, this is NOT a symbol from the well-known serials! The authors of the serials just brazenly plagiarized the symbol of the ancient Slavs and came up with a completely wrong meaning for it.

Foundation Logo

About any business

I try to reduce the number of projects. Separate among all my cases – the most important, remove all unnecessary (for a while or forever) and concentrate only on a small number of the most important cases. Because recent years have shown that if you do a lot of different projects a little bit, none of them will eventually achieve any significant success.

Programming. I have found a person (I think I have already written about it) who will become a kind of mentor for me. Well, I hope so. His name is Nikita Kolmogorov, and you can learn more about him here is not an advertisement!:) I hope that I will not let him down and be a good student.:)))

Now I’m learning a little bit about JS (and even applying it in my work). Not as fast as I would like, but it’s all due to a lot of work, and my coloring, to be honest. Since yesterday I started to catch up, and now I’m going to study codeacademy and beonmax for two hours a day. I wonder what will happen next?:)

These are the next mini notes. I’ll try very hard to make the posts come out more often. In the past, I somehow managed to write every day…

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