Mini Notes #2

My Life


August 08, 2020

Mini Notes #2

My life.

Hello, everybody. The new post in my main blog, yeah-yeah, it’s the site I consider my main platform where I publish content. I hope that I will publish more and more posts, because the attendance of this blog is much worse than even Instagram or Facebook, not to mention Twitter and Patreon. I need to work on SEO, the quality of publications and their frequency.

In this post, I just decided to summarize some of the results of my recent weeks, I certainly write daily notes in Patreon, but there it is published rather to control the current processes, and now I will summarize only what I did. Here we go!

As you may recall, I started a blog for the purpose of practicing English and also to publish my notes on how I get out of debt. Where the debts come from, you can read here. Spoiler: It was not possible to get out and now I analyze and learn everything about the bankruptcy procedure.

On top of that, despite a slight recent increase in my income, now it has fallen to zero again, so I am looking for new sources of income and trying to get back to the freelance. Hi, fiverr again! Yeah, I added new gig and continue to design my portfolio, I think in a week or two I will finish and there will be about 10 works, maybe this will help me get orders from abroad.

Also, on the advice of a few friends from the U.S. and Canada, I updated my LinkedIn, removed unnecessary skills, added new ones and of course adapted my page to the English audience, because until then not all information was translated there. (Connect me!:)) However, LinkedIn, as I was told, is more used for job search, but I plan to use it for personal brand development. Yeah, I still haven’t given up on this idea.

Blog, design, ideas.

Do you like the design of my blog? I’m already tired of it, but I often have it and I can no longer objectively assess the appearance of my site. It will be necessary to make a vote, something like “better design” or something like that and whether it is worth changing it at all.

In addition to the design, I wrote a content plan for the whole week, if I manage to follow this plan, the posts on the blog will appear every day (I will have to solve something else about Patreon), but it will not be longread, and simple small notes like this.


I think many people here know about the Slowly service. So, I bought a Plus subscription there for all the features it provides. Why did I buy it, because I am sitting without money and almost bankrupt? Exactly because my bankruptcy is planned, I withdraw and spend all the money from the cards as they will be blocked.

Slowly is a very good service, but unfortunately too many people there, start communicating and disappear. Yes, we now communicate with some of them on Facebook/Instagram or Twitter, but this is only with a few, those who really became my friend and wanted to continue communicating. But a lot of letters to Slowly come from people who have replied and stopped using the service in general, i.e. I have written that the user account was deactivated. But they communicated quite well… I have to do something about it, perhaps in the first letter to write that if you stop using the application – please notify me so that I can clear my contact list.


Nothing about bankruptcy – nothing is clear yet, lawyers are slow… Another consultation is planned today. What do you all think about it? In Russia, bankruptcy is condemned, which means that you are a loser and a incomplete person. Unfortunately, it puts a lot of pressure on my psyche.

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