Mini Notes #1

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June 14, 2020

Mini Notes #1

Today there will be a small post, as we call it in our country “for the evil of the day”. I will argue a little about the situation in the country, stupid youth and all that.

I’ll start with such a phenomenon on Russian ( yeah, I think it’s not just on Russian) YouTube, as REVELATION. It’s a genre in which various idiots, instead of making some original content – talk about the content of another blogger. Most often with a negative connotation. And I don’t know why, but YouTube decided that I might be interested in this kind of stuff and now this kind of stuff keeps popping up in recommendations. It’s sad.In fact, most of these whistleblowers are nothing, that’s just nothing. But they do harm to people who really try and make some original content. Yes, they may not be able to do it, but at least they’re trying! It’s not difficult at all to record – a review of someone’s work and water the dirt on a person, do things for 20 minutes to make such a video, but they can’t come up with something original – the whistleblowers can’t.I didn’t want to write something like that here, but YouTube made me do it.=)))

The second point is about the current situation in Russia. Briefly from the latest news reports:

Two men, in the middle of a busy street, during the day, beat up a passerby and put him in the trunk. No one else saw the passerby. Doctors in hospitals don’t treat for Covid. And the sick doctors themselves are forced to sign nondisclosure papers. I think it is clear that Russia rolls down faster and faster. But we have accepted amendments to the Constitution! Yeah, illegal.

Point three. I have another business closed down. It was a credit selection service website. Comparison, selection by different criteria, etc. And for getting applications from my site, the banks were paying me %. I do not know why, but they stopped paying! They stopped paying at all! Some have just unilaterally closed our agreements with them, and some reject all applications coming from me because of the “Error”.

And the fourth point. My bankruptcy is just under a month and a half away. On the one hand, it seems scary, but on the other, it’s clear now. I have no option but to solve all these problems in a designated time frame. And as soon as I realize it, it’s easier. The main thing is to always remember about it and then turn away from the target will not work anymore. Well, I hope so.

That’s the kind of mini-notes I got. Somebody might be interested.

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