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July 20, 2020

Ktulhu Forever!!!111

Even when I first started to earn money on the Internet, advertising and everything connected with it, I immediately realized that to achieve any positive result without tracking the current progress is simply impossible. It does not happen that you decided to lose 20 kg of fat, for this you decided to run every morning and you have everything in 2 months. It doesn’t work like that. At least a person should keep track of calorie intake and consumption, and at most a bunch of other indicators. And so on any case, for any goal. In my personal opinion, you can not just “take and do” something that requires a fairly long period of time. You can just take and put things in order at home, you can just take and do one training, but if it’s some business that takes a certain long time, it won’t work that way. You need metrics, measurements, and for those who are especially stubborn or passionate, you also need graphics to make your ego fun. What am I writing this all about? I have many different goals, many problems, many desires. It will take me a long time to solve all the problems, to achieve my goals and to “make my dreams come true”. Also, I realized that I need to keep track of all my actions. And in the future, perhaps, to make charts to amuse your self-esteem and motivate yourself not to stop. But what metrics should I take? What should I keep track of? I have sketched out a list, perhaps it will be supplemented, and I will be very happy with any advice and idea.

Let’s start with my goals:

The main goal is to get rid of huge debts caused by business mistakes. For this I need money (a lot of money), well, yeah, everyone needs money.=)) Since, thanks to the pandemic, most of my “businesses” have closed, I am, you could say, unemployed. But I have a lot of ideas and ongoing projects that should generate income in the future, the main thing is not to give up on them.As a result, one of the categories for metrics will be “Money and Work”. What can be attributed to this category?

  • Productivity and % of tasks completed every day;
  • Also, each project will have its own metrics;
  • Revenues and expenses (well, that’s the most obvious);
  • Time costs (how much time and what was spent). This can be difficult because I’m not used to writing down each of my tasks. Yes, sometimes I have such days when I write literally “10:15 went for a glass of water, 10:17 sat down to work again”, but every day it will take a lot of time and my attention. Perhaps I should do it in a general way, and once a week or two spend such “minute days”…

The second goal and category respectively is health and sport. Yes, health is on the second place, because debts now also affect health (stress really kills, I literally feel it). And sports, I still dream of gaining at least a little more weight than my standard 60 kg and preferably not at the expense of fat…. And I shouldn’t forget about chess either, I think.

  • The most standard and the first metric that comes to mind is weight. Just weigh every day at the same time and in the same conditions to track progress or regression;
  • The second metric (trite again) is nutrition and the amount of fluid consumed. There are many applications for this, all I have to do is teach myself to use one of them regularly (I used to use it before, but then somehow began to forget). As I wrote the example above, for slimming you need a calorie deficit, and for gaining weight you need a surplus. Do not eat sugar and salt, limit as much as possible all harmful products;
  • Blood pressure? Is it worth tracking because it’s still a more complicated procedure. But I think it’s worth trying, if I remember. True, it also requires the same conditions day in, day out;
  • Mood, stress. I think it’s worth writing down at least a few words about “everything was great” or “I’m bad, depression is close, somebody kill me”;
  • Different tests and medical tests. In the future, perhaps (even a genetic test someday! Very interesting!). Right now I can’t afford it;
  • Power and other training (if they were that day). I think it’s understandable here, because it’s pointless to exercise without even the slightest trace of progress;
  • Chess, I try to play at least one game a day, most of the time it’s a blitz. For starters, it’s enough just to record the results. Victory/loss.

The third goal and category is a personal brand. Probably, it slightly overlaps with the first one, as it also has a strong influence on the level of income, but still I will put it in a separate category, which I will call “Personal brand”. Metrics? Hmm… Well, to begin with, I can take the general concept of “popularity” and break it down into social networks (read about SMM);

  • Track the reactions to every action on every social network. Like it, like it, like it’s not, etc. It is logical and banal;
  • What else? I’m totally noob in this topic, I will need to learn and try.

The fourth goal and category is self-development in the most general sense. From English and Japanese, to cooking skills and everything else possible. Anything I want in the general sense. Metrics:

  • English. How many lessons did I do in Duolingo, how many pages of text I read, how many and what I listened to/view;
  • Mastering Python (Django) because for one main project is a necessary technology and normal WordPress is definitely not enough;
  • What good did you do? Did you help who? It’s probably not exactly a metric, from the point of view of a single measurement system, but it will be something like a note;
  • What new experience have I had, what new things have I learned? The same with the point above;
  • Something I haven’t come up with yet…

Yes, to find a service to track everything at once, so that I don’t have to worry too much about filling it out and see everything as clearly as possible. It’s kind of boring to use Google Tables for this purpose…I’ll have to look for something like this and start to “grow”.)

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