How do I stop regretting the past

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July 29, 2020

How do I stop regretting the past

Have you ever thought about what would happen if you had the opportunity to start your life over? Or from any previous segment of it? Perhaps you could have avoided the huge number of mistakes you made or achieved more. Yes, if I had known about bitcoin at the time when I had a lot of it – I would never have sold it then.=) What I’m getting at is that I regret too much about my past mistakes and it’s terrible.

How do I stop regretting the past?

I have already written in the closed part of my Patreon about my mistakes, but it doesn’t make me feel any better. Depression, stress, the feeling of my own helplessness and mediocrity is just killing me.

Unfortunately, regrets often take too much of our life force, which we could have successfully spent on something else. Meanwhile, experts have found out that every time we regret the past, we slow down our progress, which obviously does not benefit us at all, so it is time to stop looking back.

This is what psychologists and other doctors advise:

1. Learn a lesson from the past

We just learn from mistakes and realize that mistakes are still an experience.

2. Learn to forgive yourself and others

No comments.

3. Work on your mistakes

There are practically no irreparable errors. Although it seems to me that all my errors are incorrigible.

4. Remember why you did this

Some time after the error, it seems that it would be logical to do otherwise, so we ruthlessly punish ourselves for making mistakes. We forget that in the past we acted on the basis of the circumstances in which we were, and out of all possible options, we certainly chose the most logical solution. Don’t forget this when you scold yourself: remember why you did it, and you will most likely see that you made a justified decision.

5. Do not forget that anything is possible in the future

When it seems that the world has collapsed because of a perfect mistake, think that there is still time ahead. Surely you can fix a lot of things in your life, because we rarely get into desperate situations. It will take effort and labor, but it’s better to spend it on future achievements than on selfishness. The main thing is to learn to look forward realistically, rather than through the prism of already missed opportunities or wrong decisions.

6. Radical acceptance

If no method has helped you cope with the pain caused by thinking about the mistakes of the past, try radical acceptance. Sometimes no conscious tricks can explain your behavior in the past. Then there is only one step left – to accept and love your whole life, with all its victories and failures. In part, it reminds the fatalist’s position: well, if all this has happened, so be it.

Well, here are some such tips. In fact, it is very easy to write it all, but to apply it…

How do I stop regretting the past?

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