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July 23, 2020

Funny thing is the Telegram Chats. Earlier this year, I created a couple of channels with manga and comics, with the idea: “Let the subscribers talk”. And they asked me a question there, a simple question that seemed to be, “… What makes you do it?” Something I said, went to the dishes to wash, and in the head of thoughts spinning and memories of “How did I has come to the anime…” well, or on the simple why I started to watch anime and read manga (Btw, are you remember post “Write about what?”). So I decided to throw a little funny stories in the blog, let it be, at least as a memory for me. Let’s start.


Let’s start with the fact that I live in Novosibirsk, as you know, I studied here too (both school and university). So, at the end of the 9th grade, it seemed like 2007, at home we finally connected the “normal” Internet, ie now this Internet was not on a regular phone, but more adequate. The provider was called “Web-Stream”, everything was very bad with the external internet, but fortunately there were a lot of internal resources. They also gave access to the resources of the coolest provider at that time (and even now) – “E-City” (I still use EC and enjoy it).

It all started with Web-Stream…

Elnadrion aka “Bobrodrion”

As I said above – I had access to EC resources, and most importantly to their game server, then popular MMORPG, Lineage 2 (the chronicles were C4). Eh, nostalgia! The game on Elnadrion was, perhaps, the best of all my subsequent visits to the servers of Lineage 2.

Elndarion Max Basev aka Naard. Elnadrion. DarkMessiah.

Yeah, it was still a Naard nickname at the time. =D And there was a fashion to smear the layouts of skills. I played, played, even my clan made and came to us one man with nickname MisaMisa. Damn… “Look Death Note, you’ll like it”…

Yeah, I used to have all sorts of comic books when I was a kid, Indiana Jones still exists, for instance. And I watched Pokémon when I was a kid, and Princess Mononoke is still one of my favorite anime, but shit!!!

Yeah, I got screwed over and it’s Death Note’s fault. And then it started, a continuous stream of “Chinese cartoons”, just a giant number of watched series, by time, probably equals only thousands of hours in Lineage 2.

Death Note There are still “those” ancient manga volumes. It’s not even official…

I still remember the Demon Prince Enma OVA 2006 – for me at the time, it was just super, on par with Hellsing and the Ninja Manuscript.

Usually people stop there, well, yes, another hobby, to watch sometimes anime. I should have slowed down, too, but no…

Wanted to put up a list of the best anime of the time, but Chet looked at his animelist and went crazy, so no.


In search of the next season “what to look at”, came across a recently opened resource specifically for WebStream users – AnimeBar, the “Siberian portal of anime fans”. In fact, it was such an ftp-server with a nicely designed site, where administrators published a lot of anime. I downloaded for a couple of days, began to show a little activity and eventually I was called to join the administrators of the portal. All I had to do was to collect and design new releases of anime, publish them on the portal, and to keep an eye on communication between users. It was also a good experience, at least in terms of IT, I learned a lot from the guys there, for which I special thanks.


The transition to manga took place just as I was working as an administrator, I wanted to read the original sources, let’s say. Well, as you can imagine, it’s fucked up. It took as long as the anime)).

At that time I was already in my first year of university, studying as a programmer-engineer. Among other things – a little spoiled with Photoshop and wanted to one day myself to translate manga. More precisely, one chapter that everyone has forgotten (it seems it was a School Rumble), it still seems to be on Readmanga.

I tried it – I was tortured, but I wanted “recognition and glory” =))). I started looking for a place to get raw and I ran into the “Nemuri no Fuchi” manga and her “Blast Comic Scans” – English translators… Diana, it’s your fault too…

Blast Comics Scans

A couple of weeks later, I finished cleaning up the chapters of “Hell Teacher Nube,” which were “very late”. Yeah, right, I became the cliner for these guys… I translated Nemuri no Fuchi into Russian along the way because raw was no problem now.

In addition to improving skills in Photoshop was also an excellent practice in English (there were no Russians in the team). It’s a pity that I have forgotten a lot since then.

I worked like this for about a year, but then I had to stop with translations because of difficult sessions, exams and all that. Yes, and I began to work in my profession (albeit as a freelancer, but still), sites made simple and all that.

Manga and Comic Book Channels on Telegram

Already graduated from the university and worked for Russian Railways, and read all the comics and manga. Then I decided that it would be more convenient to read in Telegram than on sites, and an additional resource “to themselves in submission”? Why not! So I created channels with comics and manga.

Unfortunately, the Russian audience – absolutely not grateful and all they need is “Give! Give it to me! More! More!” Develop channels for such people, to waste their precious time and not get anything in return – it’s ungrateful. In the end, those channels are frozen now, but perhaps one day I’ll go back to them.

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