Goals. Why are they so important

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April 28, 2020

There are people that live without any goal, pass in the world like blades in a river: they don’t go, they are carried © Seneca

Goals. Why are they so important

Our whole life is built on needs. Yes, everyone sees and presents them in their own way. Some people have dreams in their hearts since childhood, but others, on the contrary, live real life, day after day immersed in the abyss of routine. However, even the second one once had a dream that most likely did not come true. So what is a dream? First of all, it’s the desire to satisfy your need, which comes from the lack of something.

But a dream should not remain just a dream, so a person should strive for its realization. Do not forget that you must compare your abilities and chances. This is where concepts such as motivation and goal appear. As you know, all our thoughts are material. Therefore, by setting ourselves up for productive work, we can achieve everything that we ourselves may wish for!

Remember yourself when you thought an unpleasant situation would never end when you wanted to give up because you lacked the strength, what did you do? Did you put your hands down or went to your goal, no matter what? How sweet was the taste of victory! And the more thorny the path, the more pleasant it was to realize all that you had passed and acquired.

So why is it so important to set goals for yourself?

First of all, remember that you do it for yourself, for your loved ones, so that you can feel that they are all right, for your career, for your mental balance! Do not forget that you should feel and live your needs, and not go on about other people’s prejudices! For example, if your soul wants to go on a journey, then set a clear goal for what you need to do. Make a journey, buy a ticket, collect everything you need and go! Yes, it sounds simple, but it’s difficult, especially when there’s fear in front of something new.

Speaking about the goal, I want to remember athletes who want to become champions not only of their country, but also of the world. Each of them understands that hard work can help them in this. They have a goal to which they go through pain and injury. And what should be the morale to rise and go further… Have you ever thought about what happens inside an athlete when he falls at an important competition? He gets up and goes on after the fall, knowing that he must not miss a dream. And after losing, he still comes out on a springboard, ice to work and jump, run, make himself better, even when his hands fall! And how beautiful it is to see a smile on their faces when they stand on the podium and get their deserved titles and medals! Here it is – motivation, here it is – purposefulness.

Looking at this example, you can see that a man without a purpose simply can not live. He just exists. It’s not him who exists, it’s his shell. Life goes on senselessly: he, like us, lives, breathes, eats, but he is not interested in anything in his life, does not want to know anything, to be carried away by something. Often he is satisfied with what he has and does not want something more. But imagine: a child has a lot of toys. However, when there is a newer, more modern with all the technical settings, he wants it. So do you and I. For example, someone wants a new and powerful computer for his work – he will save on everything to buy this computer. And someone just wants to have his house far from the city, where he can be alone with nature, go to the woods for mushrooms or just fishing. He’ll go to that goal to build or buy his own house. This way he will feel happy that his dream, often childhood, has come true! But any need we have consists of steps that are subject to goals.


And it’s all about motivation, as you can see. And what’s behind it? Let me give you one more example. A guy from a well-to-do family. He doesn’t have to work, and he doesn’t see the point, because he has everything. But there’s a girl in his life path who becomes special to him. That’s where the guy realizes he has to change. He starts to work hard on himself and on his position in society. In this way, the object of love becomes a motivating object. It’s important to represent a person who’s already achieved what you want. For example, to become a big businessman/businessman. Take the example of a big leader of a famous corporation. It is stories from the lives of successful people that allow us to believe that anything is possible. After all, our psychology is set up in such a way that we think: “Yeah… If he / she achieved it, and why can’t I do it?” It’s also important to believe in yourself. For example, a girl wants to be a ballerina. She has seen all the ballet productions, but until she revisits her component, her dreams will remain her dreams.

When you find yourself in a difficult situation, remember that when you give up, you only make it worse for yourself! After all, no one will go for you and do nothing, only you! Remember that you have passed more than halfway, and is it really worth giving up your desire? Never listen to those who say it won’t work. Don’t believe them, because they don’t always wish you well!

Baby steps to giant strides

It is often said that a small step is a big way to success. And it is: every step, every movement is already a part of the realization of what you need. Walking on this difficult path, clearly present each of your actions, follow your plan.

In the book “Alchemist” it was said: “The darkest hour is before dawn”. This phrase contains the hope that the goal is achievable, even if you no longer see the enlightenment in its realization. By working every day, you are taking a small step into your happy future!

Just do it ©Nike

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