Games. Addiction. Procrastination

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June 08, 2020

It’s been a long time since I wanted to write this post, so I finally decided. We are talking about computer games, pleasures, addiction and everything that is associated with these things.

Games. Addiction. Procrastination

Why do I play computer games?

The first game I played on computer was “Digger”. I think I was 5 or 6 years old and played at my dad’s work. Then there was “Nebulus” about the funny frog, and then there was “Doom” and “WarCraft” (of course there was “Duna 2000” and “Z” and more), which I remember the most. At that time, I was playing at first, and then I realized I wanted to make those games myself.By the way, I did a couple of games in my life, but they were as simple as possible (I don’t take iOS development work into account, there were not games, but trash). As a result, at that age I knew exactly what I wanted to make games, so I had to learn to be a programmer. Well, I learned in the end. But then it turned out that it wasn’t just programmers who made the games (yeah, Kojima’s a genius!) and I got a little chilled for programming, although it’s still one of the main sources of income, even if it’s now in the form of web development.=) Okay, enough with the stories. Why am I playing?

There are several reasons for this, but I warn you at once that I am far from being a psychologist, not a scientist, and in general I write everything solely on my own observations and experience. When I play, I get positive emotions. It’s simple, isn’t it? A sense of superiority over my opponent, adrenaline, the joy of victory and all that. I remember when I played chess professionally as a child and played tournaments – my feelings are the same: excitement, adrenaline, happiness, and, in general, the feeling of being alive. Ordinary grey life is boring and not interesting, isn’t it?

So I have already given the answer, but to sum up – I play for the sake of positive emotions (and for the sake of negative too) and the spirit of competition.

Am I a gambler? An addicted sick person?

I don’t think it’s a disease or an addiction. And in general, I think that if a person does not play games, he loses a lot in his life. Of course, sometimes there are situations when my proscrastination is fed by the fact that I play games. But that’s exactly what I’ve decided to fight (you can read about it in my diary on Patreon 🙂 ). So, everyone who says that gamers are worse than addicts is wrong. But my problem is that I’m still wasting my time playing games and unfortunately lately more than I can afford. Procrastination is evil. Plus games sometimes provoke other things, such as laziness, lack of motivation, apathy and other unpleasant side effects. Looks like this. You played, maybe even won, you felt an endorphin rush. And then bang and you’re in a cruel reality, you know, you’re not doing so well. So you just hide from reality in an illusionary world and grab air locks. It’s not really true, but after the game, in the first 10-15 minutes, the feeling is not the most pleasant. Your conscience must be waking up, huh? Although no, who am I kidding, I certainly don’t have it.

As an intermediate result of this part, I’ll say that games are a great way to relax, but you need to know the measure, otherwise they will eat all your time without a trace. And when you’re 35 years old you’ll wake up an unskilled loser who only played games, and now suddenly wanted everything at once.

Time is our most precious resource.

I don’t think anyone will argue with that statement. Until they invented a time machine or a cure for old age, there’s no way we can make up for our time. Playing games takes a long time. I won’t count here how much I’ve spent in my life playing different games, but when I was a student playing Lineage 2, there were people who had about 15-20 thousand hours of playing games on their account. It’s scary… At least it’s enough to remember the theory of 10,000 hours.

Yes, it is possible that in the future professional players will earn decent money and there will be a lot of these players. But today’s schoolchildren who say to their parents “I will be a professional player in Dota 2” are likely to achieve nothing in life.

At school I had a friend, a very enthusiastic man, he loved games a lot. Now, as far as I know, he’s 30 years old, he doesn’t work or earn money, he lives with his mother and plays XBox…

Value your time. Play moderately and for fun.

What do we do? Cardinal measures?

Games. Addiction. Procrastination

Well, as for me, I’ve already tried cardinal measures and in general they worked. When we first started the business with my other co-founder (Kirya, hello!). We agreed that until we reach a sufficient level of income to exist – we are not playing games at all. Not at all, never. Well, in the end, about 8 months there were no games on my computer.) Yes, it helped, but the joy in life was a little less, and free time not to say that much more.

In the end, I identified the following way for me. If a game starts to drag me out too much and devour too much of my time – I stop playing it. That’s what just happened with MyLands. I just give my account to people I know and forget about it, although I have invested quite a bit of energy, money and time in it. Pathetic? Maybe at first, but also this feeling of pleasure – I got rid of the time eater, I am free!

Dobby is free!

I watch the Matt D’Avella channel sometimes, and as far as I know, he only plays after he completes all the tasks for the day. I’ll try to do the same, plus I’ll limit myself to more games. I think that four will be enough.

  • “The Elder Scrolls Online” – occasionally, for an evening’s rest alone.
  • “Apex Legends” – blow off steam and play with Kirya.
  • “Conan Exiles” – there’s more Kirya playing, and I sometimes come to have fun.
  • “Heroes of Might & Magic 3” is a timeless classic that I play with Nike or my wife. I don’t take chess here, because it’s not really a game to me. Rather, it’s the best tool available for developing my brain and logic.Plus I still haven’t forgotten about the desire to “get an achievement”, at least a master of sports in chess, even if it will be at 60-70 years old.)

As you can see, I hardly play my games alone. On top of that, when we play, we use voice communication or are close by and eventually it turns into a game with discussion of any business tasks, ideas and goals. It’s more of a background game, like music or movies.

Although to be completely honest, it is sometimes quite difficult to say no to the same Kirya when he calls “play for 30-40 minutes”. But that’s a question about our environment, and I think I’ll write a separate article about that in the future, it’s not in vain that people are being formed by their environment. Talk to the drunk – you’ll be drunk, talk to the rich – you’ll be rich.


Do you need them?) Okay, a brief sammari all over the text.

  • Play for fun and preferably with friends;
  • Time is our most important and irreplaceable resource;
  • If the game takes up too much of your time, think about whether you need it for sure;
  • It’s not profitable to be an pro gamers;))).

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