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April 14, 2021

Hello! If you are an employee of a bank/MFI/tax collector or any other similar “honor and evil”, then this post is for you. More precisely, it is for you, if you are trying to call me, “write me a letter” or in any way to get in touch with me.

Due to a number of circumstances, it is more likely that you have questions and complaints about me, some valid and some not. In any case, all of you have been provided with contacts of my lawyers to solve all these questions. As a consequence - do not try to contact anyone other than them, and there will be many complaints (and not only) in case of any 3rd party concerns. Observe the law and just wait for the court (ah yes, you just do not want the court, because you will not get anything there…) well ok, but still, wait for the court.:)

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