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March 24, 2020

I thought long and hard about how to start the first post, so I decided not to complicate it.

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Hey, everybody. My name is Max and I’m from Russia. On this blog I will write about life in my country, about my work, my attempts to move to Canada and much more. And also this blog is a kind of my workbook as I know English very badly and with the help of my “writing” I hope to bring it up to an acceptable level. (I would be very grateful if you could point out any mistakes)

At the moment I do not plan to monetize this blog in any way (although in the future everything can be), but so far there will be no advertising.


I’ve been blogging in Russian (using a nickname) for a long time now, but Russian is my native language and it’s easy for me to write in it, but English is very hard. To make you understand, this text, or rather a certain plan of text, I initially write in Russian and only then will translate it with a translator and dictionaries into English. I think it will take a lot of time, and there will be just super many mistakes.

I really hope to publish at least 1 post per week…


Now I just created the site and design has not yet been engaged, but I like minimalism, blue and white colors, so do not expect to see here any masterpieces of modern web designers. Everything will be simple, minimalistic and easy.


I’ve already written a little above, it’s a personal blog. I’ll try to write about everything interesting and avoid all the bad things that are happening in my country. Minimum politics and trash, maximum interest! What’s interesting, exactly? Same movies and games (both computer and board), and also books (for example, last year I read 150+ books) and perhaps philosophy. I also like chess very much, maybe we should play it sometime?) Well, somehow, I don’t even know what else to add here. Anyway, I’m glad to make any new acquaintances, and even more - your comments=).

P.S. Sorry for my bad English ^^

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Written by Max Basev. I start at the bottom. I create IT projects, take pictures of the city and try to do self-development. You should follow them on Twitter