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April 10, 2020

Social networks have ruined communication at a distance and the epistolary genre has died.

Nowadays it is enough to click on an icon a couple of times and your message is already reading on the other side of the world. Or you’re on a video call, or maybe even watching a stream together. Communicating with friends has become easier, but something’s missing…

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The wait is gone

Well, there really are no limits to the work now, but the epistolary genre is dead. And Slowly decided to bring it back to life.

Why is waiting so exciting? Is it possible that we can say more in letters than in banal phrases in chats and messengers?

I discovered Slowly not so long ago, but immediately noticed a significant difference between this service and all the others. It’s about people. People here really know how to write, they are educated and very non-toxic. It’s not banal communication in the messenger: “hi – lol – np – lol – bb“. Every letter here is like a story, and with every letter I learn something new about the country where it came from or the person who wrote it.

Waiting for a letter is difficult, but it’s nice, like you’re waiting for a Christmas present.

Slowly is minimalism and simplicity

Minimalism is good, ease of use too. Slowly helped me find new friends from all over the world. I learn a lot about countries I haven’t been to, especially valuable is that this is first-hand information (given all the propaganda in my country).

Even this blog I created because of a request from Slowly friends who want to know more about my country.

Thank you, Slowly.

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