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April 04, 2020

What do you think of the business? Do you think all businessmen are crooks and thieves? And in Russia, that’s what most people think…

Post about business in Russia Who can read the inscription on the T-shirt? xD

The Coronovirus. The economy. Business and support from the state.

In a nutshell, you can say it in a nutshell…

All my main sources of income have disappeared. Let’s say, some sites through which I sold various services (selling tours abroad) for % from sales. I think it’s clear what sales in tourism are now…

But it’s still half the trouble, so that it would be clear how bad it is in the small business sector. I supported from the technical side, about 5 sites of various companies (visa center, coffee shop, graphic studio and a number of others). Everything, I do not support them anymore and not because of the cuts, and the guys just CLOSED their businesses because they have gone into the negative for their credit. They just write, “Look, it’s really bad here, I closed down. I’m gonna go to the factory and work, I guess.” I just imagined, or I am so lucky that among my acquaintances businessmen were 5 at once, who “broke” like this, or really the end of all small and medium business…

Read how business in the U.S. is supported. And what do you think the government is doing in Russia? That’s right! They’re introducing additional taxes!

I recently happened to attend a forum, there was news that “business in Russia is closing down”. In the comments 90% of people were HAPPY that businessmen are closing their business. They think that all businessmen are thieves… Why do people have so much malice and toxicity?

The Russian government.

Now I will try to explain the complicated thing, given my knowledge of English – it is really difficult. I hope it’s clear.

One good man wrote me this:

Still, the living standards and employment opportunities are definitely leagues better than in Russia, from what I understand. Russia these days sounds like a complete mess, with the government operating more like an organized crime syndicate. Putin seems pretty content to watch the country go backwards, while the average Russian struggles to barely get by. It’s pretty screwed up, but I honestly hope things can get better for you guys. For a country that once produced great writers, composers, and scientists, it seems rather tragic for things to be the way they are now. The things I’ve read regarding the current state of Russia paints a pretty picture with alcoholism, crime (gopniks), and poverty everywhere.

*If someone from Russia reads this, it’s not my words, it’s my friend’s.

It’s true =(

Russia is a beautiful country, with excellent nature and rich in resources. Great people were born and lived in it. But the modern government destroys the country, and people become evil creatures.

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