A few words about Patreon, donates and support

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June 07, 2020

A few words about Patreon, donates and support

It’s a shame to get the donates.=(

When I created the blog (maxbasev.com) I didn’t think to try to make money on my texts (on my nonsense). But somehow it so happened that after creating Patreon for my daily diary later I started to have subscribers. The first one was Heather, thanks Mom! And recently there were two more subscribers, thanks to you too!) In this post I want to talk about the attitude to this kind of thing in my country. I’m talking about donation, sponsorship and other types of support.

Let’s start with the fact that I am far from being a good Samaritan and if I can earn money, I try to earn it. But asking someone for help, asking for money, or donate is a shame for me. And in general, in my country it is considered quite a shameful thing (at least until recently).

Yes, and I was brought up in such a way that I rarely ask for help from anyone, it is better to do everything myself (by the way, as it turned out, for business it is very bad). And if someone sends me money, I immediately begin to feel indebted.

“Process over Results” – Nassim Nicholas Taleb in this part of “The Black Swan” described quite accurately that the result is still important. No matter who says what, and if you don’t get anything as a result of a certain job, you’ll get bored with it over time or at least you won’t find it as interesting. And the reward is also important.) I think it’s helped me realign my brain a little.

“However, those who claim that they value process over result are not telling the whole truth, assuming of course that they are members of the human species. We often hear the semi-lie that writers do not write for glory, that artists create for the sake of art, because the activity is “its own reward.” True, these activities can generate a steady flow of autosatisfaction, But this does not mean that artists do not crave some form of attention, or that they would not be better off if they got some publicity; it does not mean that writers do not wake up early Saturday morning to check if The New York Times Book Review has featured their work, even if it is a very long shot, or that they do not keep checking their mailbox for that long-awaited reply from The New Yorker. Even a philosopher the caliber of Hume spent a few weeks sick in bed after the trashing of his masterpiece (what later became known as his version of the Black Swan problem) by some dim-thinking reviewer—whom he knew to be wrong and to have missed his whole point.” ©Nassim Nicholas Taleb “The Black Swan: Second Edition: The Impact of the Highly Improbable Fragility”

So, the problem is that I am ashamed and uncomfortable to receive money for my “creativity” (my scribbling).

The solution? Just trying to get over it…

I’m going to remake Patreon a bit the other day so you can pay less and get more information. The first time I did it “work a bit” and didn’t bother much, now I see what’s in vain.

Thanks again to all the subscribers!=)

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